Host The Ultimate World Cup Party: 5 Must-Have Planning Tips To Help You Win Big!

World Cup parties should be as festive and unique as the tournament itself. After all, the world only comes together for this international soccer tournament once every four years. Here are a few tips to help you host the ultimate World Cup party. But you have to hurry! The final match is Sunday, July 13.

Host Ultimate World Cup Party

Be Knowledgeable
You don’t have to be a lifelong soccer fan in order to host a great World Cup party. But, it does help if you know a bit about the game. Check out FIFA’s “Laws of the Game,” which includes links to interpretation and notes. You can also watch clips from your favorite team on YouTube. It might spark inspiration for party décor.

Choose Wisely
Schedule your party during a match your guests will care about. Whether it’s a big game for team USA or a great match-up between two rivals, make sure guests have a reason to watch that particular match. Find a chart of all the matches here.
Food and Drinks
This is a great opportunity to try something new. The 2014 World Cup’s host country is Brazil, so try some Brazilian-inspired dishes like super sweet Brigadeiro or Brazilian Cheese Puffs. Or serve food from the countries playing in the match. Check out this site that lists several recipes organized by country of origin. Make sure you “practice” new recipes before the big day so you know what to expect.
Don’t forget the drinks! Offer a variety of beverages – soda, lemonade, tea, beer, mixed drinks – without having so many options that you’re overwhelmed. Assign one area for food and one for drinks so everyone feels comfortable serving themselves.
If you’d rather spend more time with your guests and less time in the kitchen, consider Soccer Taco’s fabulous catering options.
You have several options for party decorations, including World Cup, soccer, Brazil, and/or your favorite team. Don’t be afraid to mix it up. You can use themed tablecloths, bowls, serving trays, napkins, cups (found at your favorite party supply store) and on the walls hang photos, jerseys, flags and more from your favorite teams. Add some carefully placed soccer balls throughout.
The television will be the center of attention at this party. Make sure you have plenty of seats surrounding the TV. Get creative! Throw some oversized pillows on the floor to take advantage of all available space.

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